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Neuramis presents an innovative dermal HA filler designed specifically for correction of skin imperfections. Neuramis Lidocaine is manufactured using high-quality raw materials and innovative SHAPE technology, which allows obtaining a highly purified product. Cross-linked HA structure guarantees longer effect duration, while its even distribution in the epidermis yields natural-looking results.

Why Choose Neuramis HA products?

1. Totally Safe Filler, 100% Animal Free.

  • Neuramis produces its own High-purity HA raw material;
  • Non-animal Biofermentation Source;
  • No pre-treatment skin test required;
  • No risk of transmitting animal diseases.

2. Quality higher than standard of European and Japanese Pharmacopoeias.

3. Double sterilization technique: Aseptic Filling and Terminal Sterilization.

4. Neuramis Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid Technology
With its HCCL(High Concentration Cross Linking) technology, viscoelasticity is optimized and thus there is no migration in the tissue after application.

5. Neuramis has passed CE certificates, GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and an on-site inspection by the US FDA.

6. Longer Duration
Excellent 3D structure is maintained with a differentiated dissolution process, allowing a longer duration of the product. Results can last up to 12 months after injection.

Advantages of Neuramis lidocaine

  • natural-looking results;
  • deep and long-lasting moisturization of the skin;
  • the presence of lidocaine in the composition makes the procedure painless even in the sensitive facial areas;
  • minimum residual BDDE (less than 0.4 ppm);
  • outstanding cohesiveness and skin integration properties ensure longer effect duration;
  • clinically proven efficacy and safety.

Scope of Neuramis lidocaine

  • With the smallest particles for the correction of very thin, superficial lines. Injected in the upper part of the dermis. For correction of thin superficial lines, such as worry lines, periorbital lines, perioral lines.

Composition (main ingredient)

  • HA 20 mg/ml, Lidocaine 0.3%


The aesthetic effect lasts up to 12 months.

The product has contraindications. We are not responsible for any negative effects that you may encounter after administering products by yourself. It is recommended to consult a doctor or medical professional for any procedure.

Additional information


Medytox Inc., South Korea


1.1 ml x 1 syringe / box + needles 2 pcs

Storage instruction

Store at 2~25℃. Do not freeze or heat the product. Keep away from direct sunlight. Do not put any force or pressure on the product.

Expiry date

24 months from manufacturing date (This product is for single use, so it should be discarded after use, and re-use is prohibited)


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