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Etrebelle is a brand of injectable fillers for volumerization, wrinkle flattering and acne management by Yooyoung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.


Polylactide and hyaluronic acid is injected subcutaneously. The facial wrinkles of adults are removed through physical restoration. Used to temporarily improve. Autogenous collagen regeneration filler.


Etrebelle is a collagene stimulator made with biodegenerateble PLA (Poly D, L-lactide) microparticles and Hyaluronic acid.

Etrebelle is a hybrid filler that has adopted both benefits of the immediate filling effect o HA and stimulating collagene production of PLA under the skin. Based on the idea of delivering PLA (Poly D, L-lactide) microparticles by HA (Sodium Hyaluronate), not only physical supports under the skin, Etrebelle improves the fundamental deficiency of volume loss by collagene restoration.

Advantages of ETREBELLE 200

  • promotes flattering of both type of wrinkles: fine marionette lines and deep folds;
  • possess low crystalline structure that is suitable for volumerization and skin recovery at most;
  • might be used for non-surgical correction of nose and chin shape;
  • exerts optimal viscosity and does not migrate from injection area;
  • the effect is evident even one week after the procedures;
  • the procedure is almost painless since is accompanied with lidocaine.

Scope of ETREBELLE 200

  • elimination of wrinkles, including deep ones;
  • restoration of volumes in the forehead area and tear trough;
  • hollow cheeks correction;
  • elimination of marionette-wrinkles;
  • general recovery of skin elasticity.

Composition (main ingredients)

  • PLA(Poly Lactic Acid) – 170mg
  • HA(Sodium Hyaluronate) – 30mg


The effect of the procedure lasts up to 2 years.

The product has contraindications and can only be used by a certified cosmetologist. We are not responsible for the negative consequences of self-use.

Additional information


Yooyoung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., South Korea


1 vial × 200 mg

Storage instruction

Store in a сool, dry room temperature


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