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Sardenya is a brand of injectable fillers by RFBio Co.,Ltd. for complex improvement of skin state and non-surgical correction of face shape. The Sardenya collection of dermal fillers features Sardenya Deep, Sardenya Fine, Sardenya Implant, and Sardenya Shape for comprehensive aesthetic enhancements.


Sardenya Fine Filler

Sardenya Fine: Unveil flawless skin with this superior retention dermal filler, infused with cross-linked hyaluronic acid BDDE for refined rejuvenation.

Opt for Sardenya Fine:

  • Crafted with innovative HoPE technology, Sardenya Fine ensures a stable, high-purity HA filler derived from non-animal sources. The meticulous purification process it undergoes eliminates risks of edema and allergies, making it a safe choice for enhancing skin elasticity and smoothing out fine lines.

Distinct Benefits of Sardenya Fine:

  • Ultra-low endotoxin levels (<0.04 EU/mg);
  • Pre-procedure skin testing is not required;
  • High molecular weight HA with extensive crosslinking reduces degradation;
  • Promises natural, enduring results with the inclusion of lidocaine for comfort.

Sardenya Fine Uses:

  • Ideal for addressing superficial facial lines;
  • Perfect for refining the delicate eye, lip, and neck areas;
  • Lip contour enhancements;
  • Boosts skin hydration for a luminous effect.

Key Composition:

  • HA 24 mg/ml, Lidocaine 0.3%


  • Aesthetic effect lasts from 8 to 12 months.

Sardenya Filler Price

Step into the realm of refined aestheticsβ€”buy Sardenya, priced from $29 to $42 per pack, with the final cost tailored to the number of packs you select. Place your Sardenya choice into the cart and then glide over to your shopping cart to unveil the bespoke discounts crafted just for you.

Sardenya Filler

Sardenya dermal filler series also includes Sardenya Implant, Sardenya deep, Sardenya shape


Please note: This product should be administered by a qualified medical professional. Self-application is not recommended, and we are not liable for any adverse effects if used without proper medical supervision.


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RFBio Co.,Ltd., South Korea


1.1 ml * 1 syringe / box + needles 2 pcs, 60g

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24 months from the manufacturing date


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