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Sedy Fill Body Filler

Discover why Sedy Fill Body Filler is one of the most popular hyaluronic acid for body contouring breast and buttocks augmentation. 

Sedy Fill Body Filler is a biocompatible, biodegradable, stabilized hyaluronic acid body shaping developed by the South Korean pharmaceutical industry. Sedy Fill Body Filler is a non-animal origin laboratory manufactured, resorbable, injectable, hyaluronic acid designed for minimally invasive volume enhancement and body contouring. Sedy fill’s extreme viscosity confers a gel state that facilitates body contouring and tissue volume augmentation. Besides, its patented HA technology prevents product displacement, maintaining the desired tissue shape and ensuring a long-lasting, predictable outcome. Sedy fill Body Filler can be used for cosmetic body-shaping and volume augmentation of breasts and buttocks, cellulite reduction, volume tissue restoration, leg asymmetry correction, and treatment for pectus excavatum. 

Why Sedy Fill Body Filler Is Ideal for Body Shaping or Body Sculpting

The exclusive HA technology used during Sedy Fill Body Filler synthesis yields particles with a higher cross-link rate and molecular weight. Indeed, the unique molecular disposition produces a malleable and soluble injectable semisolid gel state hyaluronic acid resistant to body degradation. To emphasize, the semisolid gel state is responsible for the long-lasting effect and maintaining the desired body contouring or shape. Sedy Fill can increase its volume to 1000 times after body injections, generating instant results that improve over time. Of course, Sedy Fill Body Filler is 100% biodegradable or removable by hyaluronidase injections. Therefore, medical providers have absolute control of the Sedy Fill Body Shaping visible effects and body contouring. 

Sedy Fill Body Filler Unique Properties 

  • Strong Viscosity and Cohesiveness. The strong viscosity prevents product displacement or migration after injection. The body filler stays in its inserted or injected place, preserving the assigned shape.  
  • Adjustable Gel Strength, Making It Optimal for Most Patient Candidates. The gel strength can be reduced to meet patient needs. Sedy Fill Body Filler optimal gel strength is safe to use in the breast, buttocks, legs, over the breastbone, and to treat cellulite.
  • Excellent Malleability Facilitating Tissue Modeling and Body Contouring. Product molecular structure enables its injection and body sculpting, conferring the shape and size desired. 
  • High Hydrophilic Capacity. After product injection, it increases its volume 1000 times by absorbing and retaining interstitial water. 
  • 100% biodegradable and removable. After injection, the product inside the tissue or human body can be removed by hyaluronidase. 
  • Long-lasting results. After product injection, the molecules increase their cohesiveness, retaining their place and shape for 12 to 18 months. The patented HA technology makes Sedy Fill Body Filler more durable than the leading competitor brands.

Sedy Fill Body Filler Safety and Tolerance

Sedy Fill Body Filler is well tolerated. Patients with breast buttocks augmentation, body countering and cellulite treatments reported a consistent satisfaction with the attained body modification. In addition, the product is free from reactive contaminants or foreign biological active principles. In general, maintenance treatments are well tolerated and don’t produce harmful effects. 

Sedy Fill Body Filler 10cc

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Sedy Fill Body Filler 60cc

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