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Russian Lips Technique

Discover the Russian Lips Technique, the lips fillersโ€™ secret behind makeup models’ beauty and extraordinary sex appeal.

The shape and fullness of the lips are representations of youth, health, and beauty. For most people, the lips are the second-most appealing facial feature. During the last two decades, aesthetic medicine developed several lip enhancement procedures based on different injections of fillers. Due to its safety and consistently outstanding results, hyaluronic acid filler injections becomes the preferred filler for lips augmentation. In fact, using hyaluronic acid filler to enhance lips or increase lips volume is one of the most requested treatments in aesthetic medicine. Currently, The Russian lip technique is trendy because it produces the media’s makeup models’ looks. 

What Is the Russian Lips Technique?

The Russian Lips Filler Technique, called the Lip Tenting technique by plastic surgeons, used a different approach to the popular parallel to the vermilion linear injection to get more attractive lips augmentation. The Russian Technique increases the volume of the lips’ structures and shapes to increase their sex appeal. In addition, the Lip Tenting technique obtains critical aesthetic goals by enhancing the features considered attractive by today’s standards. 

Russian Lips Technique Benefits for Patients

  • It exposes and unrolls the red mucosal portions.
  • Elevates and protrudes both lips
  • Sharply define lips 
  • Keeps lips filler in place for longer periods preventing its dislocation or migration
  • Allows better and more harmonious hyaluronic acid filler distribution
  • Provides can produce the preferred lips relations, 1:1.6, 1:1 or the patient selection. 
  • The final appearance is more symmetrical.

How to Perform the Russian Lips Filler Technique

  1. The vertical application of the lips filler injection is one of the distinctive characteristics of the Russian lips filler technique. 
  2. The ideal needle or cannula insertion should be oblique at 20 to 30 degrees, following the natural lips direction on each side.
  3. Hyaluronic acid lip fillers must be administered in modest doses through multiple series of injections.
  4. The needle entry point must be at the vermilion border.
  5. Each hyaluronic acid lip filler injection must be profound in the lips to prevent it from becoming visible.
  6. The first injection site starts at the philtrum or cupid bow and moves towards the same side oral commissure.
  7. The number of injection sites depends on the final desired volume and appearance. The total number can vary for most patients from 3 to 10 per side.
  8. The upper lip projection naturally starts at the oral commissure and peaks at the philtrum. Thus, the injection pattern must keep it. 
  9. The lower lip projection starts a few millimeters away from the oral commissure and peaks in the middle, just below the middle of the nostril division.
  10. Each lip filler injection or hyaluronic acid lip filler stroke will create n small deposit, column or “Tent”. 
  11. Perform each side at a time to keep harmonious and symmetrical results
  12. Don’t inject hyaluronic acid lip fillers into the oral commissure.
  13. Respect the upper and lower lips proportion and shape differences to increase attractiveness. 

Contact us with your inquiries or to learn more about this hyaluronic acid Lips filler procedure and the recommended hyaluronic acid lip fillers’ molecular weight density. 

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